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Goldfingers Prague is a gentlemen's club with a 23-year tradition. It is situated in the heart of Prague, in the Ambassador Hotel in Wenceslas Square. Goldfingers revives the absolutely unforgettable atmosphere of the former Alhambra Theater. The club is open daily from 20:30 until 5:00; on Fridays and Saturdays it is open until 6:00. It offers a nonstop program on the main stage where one season hands over to another. The varied program features strip shows, performance staged by professional choreographers, acrobatic shows with a dance pole, hula hoop or scarves. One of the main attractions is autoerotic performances. Goldfingers presents dancers from all over the world. The club cooperates with the best choreographers and designers, ensuring its shows are always worth seeing. The club has 2 floors, 2 bars, 2 stages and perfect entertainment lasting all night.

Guests can choose from two packages:

1/ special price: CZK 13,000,- welcome drink (free), table reservation, 20 tipping dollars (free), 3 bottles of alcohol (0.7 l, Havana club, Jägermeister, Beefeater, Jameson, Absolut vodka and other similarly priced products), 15 soft drinks, VIP table dance


2/  special price: CZK 24,000,- welcome drink (free), table reservation, 20 tipping dollars (free), Moet Chandon Brut Imperial 0.75 l, 3 bottles of alcohol (0.7 l, premium brands), 15 soft drinks, VIP table dance

Maximum number of 8 people, excluding transport