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Kutná Hora

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Kutná Hora, a medieval center of silver mining, was the second richest city in the Bohemian Kingdom. The then riches of the city are still refl ected in the diversity of architectural monuments and in the preserved structure of the city center. Kutná Hora has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1995. When you take a stroll through Kutná Hora make sure you visit the Gothic cathedral of St. Barbra and Hrádek (Little Castle) – The Czech Museum of Silver, a medieval silver mine, Vlašský dvůr (Italian Court) – a former royal mint, a number of wonderful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque town houses as well as unique stone fountain from the 15th century. You should not miss one of the most interesting burial places in the world – Kostnice (Charnel House) in a nearby town of Sedlec. The chapel is decorated with more than 40 000 human bones.

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Departure place Departure time
Městské divadlo 00:00
OC Atrium (láz.centrum) 08:00
Hotel Imperial 08:15
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Blue House 08:20
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Green House 08:25

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