The castle of Karlstejn - Pentalog Tour

The castle of Karlstejn

Price: 950.00 CZK

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The picturesque valley enclosing the Berounka River takes us to the gem of Gothic architecture in the Czech Republic, to the Castle of Karlštejn, one of the most sought after Czech castles. Emperor Charles IV had it built in the 14th century as a safe deposit place for crown jewels. After climbing the hill leading to the castle we can start a nearly one-hour tour during which a guide will introduce you not only to the history of the castle but also to the life of Charles IV and the art of his era.

There are currently no dates available for this trip. If you are interested, please contact us by phone +420 353 206 134 or by email Thank you.


Departure place Departure time
OC Atrium (láz.centrum) 09:00
Hotel Imperial 09:15
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Blue House 09:20
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Green House 09:25
Městské divadlo 09:30

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