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Traditional Prague

Price: 600.00 CZK

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We will visit the most famous cultural and historical landmarks as part of our trip to the Czech capital, Prague. Your footsteps will lead through locations where the history of the Czech State has been written: We will go from the grounds of the one-andonly Prague Castle, through the magical streets of the Malá Strana, along the royal route across the Charles Bridge, through the Old Town Square and Celetná Street – all the way to the Powder Gate. At the end of the tour, you will have some free time.

There are currently no dates available for this trip. If you are interested, please contact us by phone +420 353 206 134 or by email Thank you.


Departure place Departure time
Hotel Anglický Dvůr 08:02
kurty Imperial 08:05
Hotel Imperial 08:15
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Blue House 08:20
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Green House 08:25
Lázeňský dům Chopin 08:30
Městské divadlo 08:30
Lázně I 08:30
Kriváň 08:30
Carlsbad Plaza 08:30
Pavlov 08:30
hotel Rudolf 2 08:40

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