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The Chateau and brewery of Chyse

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The village of Chyše lies approximately 40 kilometers of Karlovy Vary in the direction of Prague. The main decoration of the community is its chateau, the seat of the Lažansky House. History lovers can take a chateau tour that comprises three parts: chateau interiors, chateau cellars, and an exposure covering Karel Čapek's stay at this castle in 1917. Romantics are strongly recommended to go for a stroll in the chateau park. Gourmets should not miss the chateau restaurant and beer lovers should pay visit the chateau brewery where they can enjoy beer tasting. The beer of Chyše is brewed according to old Bohemian recipes, using prime quality Bohemian and Moravian malts, Žatec hops, and natural sparkling water from the Doupovske Mountains. The local brewery produces three kinds of yeast beer 'Prokop' (light, amber and lager), each of them being available on tap or bottled. The bottled beer can be bought in an exclusive gift package. If you would like to learn more come and visit the Castle of Chyše. If you are lucky, your tour will be guided by the chateau owner himself, i.e. by Mr. Vladimír Lažanský.

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Departure place Departure time
OC Atrium (láz.centrum) 14:00
Hotel Imperial 14:15
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Blue House 14:20
Spa Resort Sanssouci - Green House 14:25
Městské divadlo 14:30

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